The Proliferation of Dark Forest communities

The Internet’s dark forests, sometimes referred to as the cozy web, are the parts of the Internet that are outside of the mainstream social media websites. At least, out of the public view of people who frequent these websites. A common factor of the dark forests that are increasingly being inhabited are that are curated,Continue reading “The Proliferation of Dark Forest communities”

The Medicalization of Human Experience

I recently came across a thought-provoking article in The New Atlantis entitled ‘All Pathology, All the Time’ ( The central argument of the article was that our society is becoming ever more medicalized, and more and more behaviours and emotional states were gaining a medical label of some sort. In essence, the threshold for theContinue reading “The Medicalization of Human Experience”

On Accidental Philosophy

Recently, I attended an Interintellect salon on the topic of philosophy. The opening question to the discussion was, ‘Do you consider yourself to be a philosopher?’. In the course of my answer, I stated that I considered myself an ‘accidental philosopher’. By this, I meant that I was someone who, despite not explicitly thinking aboutContinue reading “On Accidental Philosophy”

Why I’ve relaunched my personal website

After nearly two years, I have dredged out my old WordPress site to begin posting once again. Those who read my previous work may notice that all my old posts are gone. They’ve not disappeared completely — they can be accessed over on my Medium page. The new look and format of this site reflectContinue reading “Why I’ve relaunched my personal website”