The Proliferation of Dark Forest communities

The Internet’s dark forests, sometimes referred to as the cozy web, are the parts of the Internet that are outside of the mainstream social media websites. At least, out of the public view of people who frequent these websites. A common factor of the dark forests that are increasingly being inhabited are that are curated,Continue reading “The Proliferation of Dark Forest communities”

Web3, DAOs and Public Policy Innovation

In recent months, like many people, I have fallen down the web3 rabbit hole. Whatever one may think of its merits or lack thereof, there is an undeniable energy and enthusiasm in the space virtually unmatched in any other field or industry. As a public sector employee who has a keen interest in governance andContinue reading “Web3, DAOs and Public Policy Innovation”

A Personal Preview of 2022

For my last post of 2021, I thought I would talk a little bit about some of the intellectual themes I’ve gotten interested in during the year and intend to pursue through the next year. I’ll also cover a couple resolutions of sorts, or at least some behaviours or dispositions I’ll try and cultivate duringContinue reading “A Personal Preview of 2022”

The Medicalization of Human Experience

I recently came across a thought-provoking article in The New Atlantis entitled ‘All Pathology, All the Time’ ( The central argument of the article was that our society is becoming ever more medicalized, and more and more behaviours and emotional states were gaining a medical label of some sort. In essence, the threshold for theContinue reading “The Medicalization of Human Experience”

Optionality, Commitment and Choosing A Path

Recently, I had a significant breakthrough in terms of my professional life and my overall direction.There are several factors which led to this. Firstly, my first taste of finally being in full-time, stable employment, not having to worry about whether I was qualified for a job or not. I now had definitive proof I couldContinue reading “Optionality, Commitment and Choosing A Path”

Quick Thoughts on web3 and DAOs

Like so many others this year, I have found myself taking a far closer interest in cryptocurrency and related fields such as decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as well as the nascent Web3, or decentralized web movement, including decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).Unsurprisingly, as the number of acronyms even my opening paragraph hints at, theContinue reading “Quick Thoughts on web3 and DAOs”

On the Optimization and Quantification of Life – Assorted Pre-Salon Thoughts

This post is a preview of sorts to my Interintellect Salon on the 31st of July. This isn’t going to be a particularly in-depth post, it’s mostly to give some of my initial thoughts on the topic and to provide some more context to people who may be interested in the Salon but are onContinue reading “On the Optimization and Quantification of Life – Assorted Pre-Salon Thoughts”

High and Low Time Preferences

One of the big things I’ve been thinking about the past few months has been the concept of high and low time preferences. What are high and low time preferences? Put simply, it is a preference between short and long-term thinking, planning and decision making. It’s the difference between wanting quick gratification and results, andContinue reading “High and Low Time Preferences”